►Traffic Jam Goes From Sucky to Multi-Car Pile-Up

The video starts off looking awfully familiar. It mirrors a typical January commute in January.

…and then…the carnage. It doesn’t appear as if many people have their headlights on (Rant #1: It’s the law in Minnesota. No matter where the sun is in the sky, if rain or snow is falling, you have to head your headlights on! Not just day runners. Full headlights so that your taillights are on too. Why wouldn’t you want to make yourself as visible to other cars as possible for your own safety? End Rant.)

This video is proof, (as if we needed it) that everyone needs to slow down and take it easy! Sure, your time is valuable, but instead of being late…you could end up being SUPER late because you have to deal with the accident you caused.

If you’re impatient and don’t like the build up and suspense, just ahead to 1:25 in the video.

Rant #2: you’re not the only one stuck in traffic and wishing they weren’t. Thousands of others are also wishing they were home and not idling along in traffic. End Rant.

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