1987 Album of the Year: The Joshua Tree

1987 Album of the Year: The Joshua Tree

Access to music is so easy now with music streaming sites, YouTube, and being able to purchase/download albums for free.

Hell, some artists are starting to adopt the business plan of giving their music away for free, hoping you’ll enjoy it, and further hoping you’ll bring some friends to see them in concert and fork over your money on tickets and merchandise at the show.

These days, those of us who watch awards shows will likely wonder who a lot of the nominees are, because there is SO much music out there. And how many of the nominees have staying power?

When it came time for the Grammy Awards in early 1988 to award 1987’s batch of new music, the nominees for Album of the Year were impressive. Whitney by Whitney Houston; Sign O’ the Times by Prince; Bad by Michael Jackson; Trio by Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris; and the winner….the massive fifth studio album by U2. The Joshua Tree. 25 million copies sold worldwide.

For the heck of it, we’ve put together a playlist of 1988’s Album of the Year (released in 1987 of course) being covered by other artists. Have fun with it. A couple of the covers are in video form below the playlist.

Dream Theater“Red Hill Mining Town”



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